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The Amagine Light & Design Green series LED horticulture lights offers bright, efficient lighting. With SmartCooling® thermodynamics it is highly adaptable for commercial cultivation in medical, commercial and vertical farming applications. Patented Optics and SmartCooling® technology make this the best performing horticulture light in the industry.

The innovative MAX YIELD series LED Grow Lights with the Emerald Triangle Spectrum™ will cover a broad spectrum in VEG while only using 170 watts. This Industry leading LED technology will significantly increase yields saving up to 70% on electricity, over 50% in water and HVAC. The easy to use Max Yield includes great features like an adjustable light spectrum and a timing function (sunrise/sunset feature) that slowly wakes up your plants in the morning and gently dims the light down synchronizing with your plant’s circadian rhythms.

LEDs: Max Yield series features the highest rate of Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) or ParPlus® providing the best growth efficiencies and effectiveness.

Optics: Light output is controlled by patented optics that spread the light in an even distribution pattern for uniform growth.

SmartCoolin® Design for lowest junction temp in Industry

Housing: Extruded aluminum housing and advance thermal carbon materials

Surveillance: COB applications to remotely monitor plant growth


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